Covid Precautions for 2022 season

COVID-19 Precautions for 2022

UpdatedTuesday April 19, 2022 byKevin Zittel.

COVID-19 Precautions for 2022

We will be adhering to NYS, Erie County, and Eden Recreation mandated COVID-19 precautions.  These are the rules as follows and like the situation, are always evolving and are subjest to change.

1. Players are allowed to wear a mask during play but it is not mandatory.  

2. Parents are asked to be respectful of social distancing on the sidelines with others who choose to practice the 6 foot distancing .  We highly recommend trying to keep spectators to a minimum when possible.

3. All equipment that is shared during games or practices will be sanitized each night. 

4. Players will not be shaking hands at the end of the game.

5. If a player has symptoms of COVID-19, they must refrain from coming to soccer activities.  Any player with direct exposure to a person positive for COVID-19 must contact the league( and contact the coach immediately.  The other players families will be notified and the exposed player may not return to soccer for 5 days.

6. Coaches will be keeping an attendance log for each night to assist with exposure situations. 


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